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    Organic No-Till Planted Soybean Production

    Matthew Ryan, Brian Caldwell, Kiera Crowley, Jeff Liebert, Uriel Menalled, Chris Pelzer, Liz Pickard and, Sandra Wayman (August, 2021)

    This guide aims to help farmers who are interested in using the rolled cover crop organic no-till soybean system. We start with an overview of soil health and organic management, and then outline the process of growing a cereal rye cover crop, terminating it with a roller-crimper, and no-till planting soybean into the residue. Despite clear benefits, this production system can be challenging, and further research and on-farm trials are still needed. The guidelines provided here are intended to facilitate the successful adoption of rolled cover crop organic no-till soybean production.

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    Cornell University Cooperative Extension
    Cornell University
    August, 2021
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