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    Economic Opportunities for Missouri with Swine Finishing Operations

    Ryan Milhollin and, Raymond Massey (January, 2013)

    Swine production has always been and continues to be an important economic activity in many regions of the state of Missouri. In the year 2011, Missouri had an estimated $979 million in cash farm receipts from the hog industry. Economic effects from these revenues flow into the local communities and stimulate rural economic development. While Missouri is one of the top ten states in swine production, a majority of feeder pigs are exported to other states for finishing production. This report will examine the current Missouri industry of exporting feeder pigs, the economics of a contract finishing unit and demonstrate the value created in Missouri if more feeder pigs were retained and finished in Missouri.

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    University of Missouri Extension
    University of Missouri
    January, 2013
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    Written Material